The hiTAG System

Discover how hiTAG’s independent hose management system, which takes advantage of RFID & NFC technology, can dramatically reduce the risk of hose failures and elevate hose safety.

Hose Tracking Features

Your bespoke organisational features include:

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Additional Features

Are you aware of the Health and Safety risks linked to hydraulic hose failures? Do you comply with the industry safety standards? Take control over your hydraulic hoses with hiTAG:

Offline-Capable Mobile App
Access and update critical data, even without a signal.
Global Accessibility
Our secure web portal can be accessed anywhere in the world.
Instant Quotes
Request hose replacement quotes directly through the portal.
Tailored to Your Needs

Customise your own sites & zones to align with your needs.

hiTAG Helps You Avoid...

Ready to Transform Your Hose Management?

Unlock the future of hydraulic hose maintenance with hiTAG Hose Intelligence. Take control, enhance safety, and minimise downtime. If you’re looking to learn more about hiTAG we’re here to assist you.

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