The Future Of Hydraulic Hose Maintenance

We’re at the forefront of hydraulic hose maintenance. Leveraging cutting-edge RFID and APP technology, our revolutionary system is designed to enhance hose safety and minimise the risks associated with hydraulic hose failures in any working environment.
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Enhance Hose Safety

Safeguard your operations with our advanced technology, putting safety at the forefront of your hydraulic hose maintenance strategy.

Minimise Hose Failures

Minimise unexpected downtime and costly repairs by proactively identifying and addressing potential hose issues.

Elevate Efficiency

Enjoy high operational efficiency by streamlining your hydraulic hose management for enhanced productivity.

Hydraulic Hose Risk Management

Are you aware of the Health and Safety risks linked to hydraulic hose failures? Do you comply with the industry safety standards? Take control over your hydraulic hoses with hiTAG:

Comprehensive Hose Register
Stay organised with a detailed record of all your hydraulic hoses.
Age & Specification Tracking
Know the age and specifications of each hose for efficient replacements.
Scheduled Maintenance
Set up customer specific inspection and replacement timelines.
BFPA Recommendations
Align with BFPA recommendations for hose inspection and replacement.
Minimise Costly Downtime
Reduce costly downtime through a proactive maintenance approach.
Smartphone App & Web Portal
Enjoy the convenience of our App and Web Portal accessible on and offline.

How does hiTAG work?

hiTAG is a combination of the latest RFID technology built within our robust Tags that can be read via any NFC enabled device. Our easy-to-use, yet comprehensive, Web Portal and Mobile App will offer all users: Enhanced hose Safety, Minimised hose failure and Improved hose efficiency.

The System

Explore how hiTAG’s innovative system, which takes advantage of RFID & NFC technology, can revolutionise hose safety and reduce the risk of failures in any working environment.

The Product

Our bespoke Tag utilises a passive chip and is robust enough to withstand the harshest of environments. Learn more about the tags that make hiTAG work so well for many businesses.

Ready to Transform Your Hose Management?

Unlock the future of hydraulic hose maintenance with hiTAG Hose Intelligence. Take control, enhance safety, and minimise downtime. If you’re looking to learn more about hiTAG we’re here to assist you.

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